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Shelly Inc is a mature and progressive character and graphic display manufacturer and distribution company which understands the value of working side-by-side with customers throughout the project lifecycle, from initial design and prototyping through product implementation and software programming of display modules.

Graphic Displays

We supply character & graphic display modules for embedded and consumer applications.

TFT Displays

A variant of LCD displays using thin-film transistor technology to improve image quality.

Intelligent Displays

We offer a complete range of display technologies for any application including graphic display and character displays.

Optical Bonding

Enhance monitor readability and reduce glare with an optically bonded TFT LCD display.

Shelly Inc. provides a wide mix of character and graphic display solutions in TFT LCD, LCD, Dot Matrix, Monochrome and custom display solutions. Our team is capable of handling your product requirement needs and ensuring the proper LCD display technology is used with your project. As a leading US based manufacturer of off the shelf, semi-custom, and full custom display modules our team has the experience you seek to complete your product design.