Offered in three display sizes:

  • 4.3” (480×272), 5.7” VGA & QVGA, & 7.0” WVGA

Utilizes Amulet’s AGB75LC04 Graphical OS Chip ™

  • Hardware and software on a single chip: LCD controller & graphical OS

24 bit color touch screen GUI creations developed in HTML

  • Drag and Drop, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get tools (ex. Dreamweaver)
  • No high level language required (HTML vs. C language)
  • Utilize Graphic Designers vs. Software Engineers
  • Exciting designs that “pop” which better meet Marketing’s vision
  • Faster time to market

Display is directly programmable via USB or UART

Intelligent graphics, character, tft, and lcd display solutions designed for the projects your team wants to complete right. Shelly Inc graphic and character displays use the latest in display technology to allow custom lcd, and tft display solutions. By combining the display with a graphics chip we are able to provide a seamless intelligent display module. With “off the shelf”, semi-custom, and fully custom intelligent display systems Shelly Inc can meet your specifications perfectly.

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