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(523k) Epson SED1330/1335 controller for 128×160, 240×160, 240×192 and 320×240 graphics modules.
(163k) Epson SED1520   122×32 graphics modules.
(439k) Epson S1D15G00 120×160 color graphic module.
(662k) Hitachi HD66712 20×4 character modules.
(541k) Samsung KS0066  character modules.
(158k) Samsung KS108  128×48 and 128×64 graphics modules.
(387k) Sanyo LC7981   128×32 graphics module.
(319k) Sitronix ST7066 character modules.
(1,560k ) Toshiba T6963C 128×64, 240×64, 128×128, 160×128 and 240×128 graphics modules.