Shelly offers a broad assortment of intelligent dot matrix LCD modules from 1 line by 8 characters to 4 lines by 80 characters. These display modules are intended to become an integral part of a wide range of electronic instruments and equipment.

Outstanding features of these displays are: extremely low power consumption, compact size and simple operational interface. Depending on the LCD fluid selected, voltage requirements are + 5VDC or + 5VDC. All character generation, update and refresh is internal and, generally, only 14 interface lines are required.

The host microprocessor “talks” to the display via the data bus and 3 control lines: Register Select (RS), Read/Write (RW) and Enable (E). This places minimal demands upon the outside system. Only when the host microprocessor writes to or reads from the display, in bursts, is intercommunication required.

Dot matrix character formats available are 5 x 10 + cursor and 5 x 7 + cursor. The 5 x 10 + cursor format can be programmed to display 5 x 7 + cursor or 5 x 10 with lower case descenders + cursor. The internal character generator ROM stores 192 character (96 alphanumeric symbols, 64 Kata-Kana, 32 Euro/Greek/symbols and is fully ASCII compatible.) Eight user-defined characters are programmable through the character generator RAM.

Programming is simplified by utilization of powerful operational codes and automatic address increment of decrement. These modules are designed to interface both 4-bit and 8-bit microprocessors.

Shelly offers a full line of Twisted Nematic (TN) Modules with:

  1. Reflective or Backlight (LED or EL)
  2. Positive or negative image